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Announcements : Travel Restrictions
Announcement: Travel Restrictions

The U.S. Department of State issues a Travel Advisory for every country in the world based on the security conditions that exist in that country/region.  Travel advisories follow a numerical system ranging  from 1 (exercise normal precautions) to 4 (do not travel), Travel advisories describe the risks that exist in a country or region and provide clear guidance that travelers should follow in order to ensure their own safety.

Rensselaer does not support undergraduate student travel to any country with a level 4 advisory.  Student travel to any country with a level 3 advisory must be approved.  Please contact Karen Dvorak for details.

Travel Alerts are issued to inform U.S. citizens of specific safety and security concerns in a country, such as demonstrations, crime trends and weather events. 

Visit the State Department website to view the Advisory/Alert for your destination, and for other important travel resources.