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Study Abroad Transfer Credit Approval Form - Engineering Majors
Study Abroad Transfer Credit Approval Form - Non-Engineering Majors

The selection and approval of appropriate courses will ensure that you stay on track academically and do not delay your graduation. All classes must be approved by a Study Abroad Transfer Credit Approval Evaluator in order for credit to transfer.
  1. Determine the classes that you need to take while abroad in order to fulfill your degree requirements.
    1. No more than 8 credit hours may be transferred toward the HASS Core Requirement.
    2. Students participating in Non-Affiliated study abroad programs may transfer no more than two science courses (max of 8 credits total) toward satisfying their Science Core Requirement.
    3. The Communication Intensive Requirement cannot be fulfilled abroad.
    4. All transfer credit limits apply for non-affiliated study abroad.
  2. Review Course Offerings of the host institution.  Pay attention to the semester timetable, as not all courses are offered each semester. Links to the course catalogues and timetables of all affiliated programs are available on each program brochure.
  3. Carefully review the descriptions of the courses that you wish to take abroad and compare these to the RPI equivalents for which you would like to receive credit.
  4. Pay attention to the specific course selection instructions that are available on each affiliated program brochure.
  5. Check the Transfer Course Guide to determine if any of the courses you plan to take have already been evaluated and approved.  Remember that pre-approved courses will not necessarily be offered each semester.  You must review the timetable of the host institution to determine what is available during your semester abroad.
  6. Complete as many forms as you need to have the necessary number of courses approved.